Mission Statement

"Our goal is to help our valued clients attain maximum asset accumulation, income generation, and estate transfers by helping them identify and establish goals, by showing them potential problem areas, and by pro-actively using an appropriate mixture of financial products and services to eliminate problems before they occur."

Andrews Financial Services (AFS) is dedicated to providing creative alternatives to the problems created by success in both the business world and the professional arena. At Andrews Financial Services we believe that "It is not what you see that hurts you, but that which you do not see." Our approach is to make sure you get the experienced advice necessary in the areas of wealth accumulation and transfer, risk management, retirement strategies and estate planning, and business succession strategies.

A financial strategy begins by helping you to crystallize your goals and discuss your concerns. Once we know what you want to accomplish, we help you to prioritize these goals. We then gather all pertinent information, analyze data, and recommend appropriate pathways to your financial success. The most important aspect, however, is that we are available for periodic reviews. Tax laws are dynamic; they constantly change. Your personal situation will change. Your goals will be moving targets. We must be able to provide alternatives with adequate flexibility and latitude to accommodate these changes. Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot elminate the risk of investment losses.

* We seek to create a maximum estate through the use of financial products.

* We seek to conserve this estate through the use of existing tax laws and tax-advantaged products. Anytime we can reduce, defer or eliminate taxes, we transfer wealth from the government to ourselves.

* Finally, at death, retirement, or disability, we want to distribute the estate. We want the client to be able to decide who gets which assets, when the assets are transferred, and under what circumstances they are distributed. We want to help ensure a maximum transfer of wealth.


We help the client understand basic risk management strategies such as appropriate liquidity levels, diversification, professional management, dollar cost averaging, and asset allocation. We may also utilize other strategies such as charitable giving, pension maximization, split annuities, annual gifting, or customized business compensation strategies such as Executive bonus or deferred compensation.


Portfolio design is a crucial step in the accumulation process. Asset allocation can be more critical in increasing your portfolio's potential return than either market timing or product selection. By your responses to our investment questionnaire we can design a Model Accumulation Portfolio System for you which will reflect your investment philosophy and tolerance, not someone else's.


Very often it is not only the design of the overall program but also the product recommendation which results in maximizing potential returns and minimizing taxes. The best strategy will be of no use if it is never implemented or is implemented with inferior products. In determining which companies will provide the necessary financial products, we go through a similar process to make sure the investment goal of the product is consistent with your objectives. We add additional criteria in this selection process: financial strength and solvency of these companies.









*Asset Allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.  It is driven by complex mathematical models and should not be confused with the much simpler concept of diversification.